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AI technology + in-clinic support. A better and safer teeth aligner option for you.

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“One of the most trusted aligner brands across Asia Pacific.”


“An impressive experience! Instant 3D oral simulation at the in-clinic AI scan.”


“A cheaper and safer teeth aligning option for different teeth concerns.”


Align Your Smile

Book your free in-clinic oral scan to see which clear aligner is right for you.

be@me Package

For mild to moderate crowding, overbite, and gaps.
Onetime Payment
4 instalments
Onetime Payment

be@me PRO Package

For moderate to severe crooked, crowding, overbite, gaps.
Onetime Payment
4 instalments
Onetime Payment

How Beame Works


Step 6

Lifetime guarantee

Claim your free teeth whitening kit and upgrade your BeameCare for a lifetime guarantee. Free treatment restart if misalignment occurs.²


Step 1

Speak to our experts

Unsure whether invisible teeth straightening is right for you? Book a free scan and expert advice at the clinic near you!


Step 2

In-clinic 3D simulation

5-10 mins in-clinic scan with real-time AI simulation of your aligner result.


Step 3

Personalised dentist prescription

Orthodontists will design a treatment plan based on your data once full payment or deposit has been paid. Further appointments with partnered dentists may be required.


Step 4

Pick up aligners

Get your aligner and start your journey.


Step 5

Track your progress

Submit your smiles online with ongoing support across every step of your orthodontic journey.




Your smile, for life.

We believe your smile is yours to keep forever! If your smile ever shifts out of alignment after your treatment with our aligners, we'll assist you in getting it back on track at no extra charge. ²

Dentist Directed

All treatment plans are reviewed and approved by dentists.

Book a free in-clinic scan and consultation anytime. Our e-service team is also available 7 days a week to help monitor your progress.

Whitening Kit

A whiter, brighter smile.

Claim your complimentary teeth whitening kit alongside your aligner treatment.

Unsure? Book a FREE In-Clinic Scan.

Teeth straightening has never been safer, smarter and simpler. Beame’s FREE in-clinic oral scan uses real-time AI result simulation to provide a comprehensive 360-degree analysis of your teeth.

Get Straighter Teeth at Affordable Prices.

Suitable for mild and severe cases e.g. crowded teeth, crooked teeth, gap teeth and more.

Find Beame partner clinics near you.

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Why Beame is Better?


Made with ultra-transparent and anti-colouring material to make your Beame braces almost invisible!

Elastic texture

Made with FDA-approved and TÜV NORD certificated elastic materials. Extra safe and comfy!

From mild to complex cases

Beame Clear and Beame PRO options for mild or severe cases.

FREE in-clinic scan & consultation

Extra safety with in-person guidance from Beame experts.

*Consultation includes free in-clinic 3D scan, AI stimulation, and a 10-minute Q&A session with Smile Specialist.

FREE in-clinic 3D AI simulation

360 review of your oral case and result simulation.


All treatment plans are reviewed and approved by dentists.

Lifetime guarantee

Join BeameCare for a lifetime guarantee. Free restart on the occasion of misalignment.²

Teeth whitening kit

Keep your smile straight and bright.

Are Beame Aligners Right For You?

Book a free in-clinic oral scan. We’ll help you find out.

¹ Based on actual oral treatment plans. Individual results may vary.
² For qualified BeameCare users with retainers used. Terms & conditions apply. Please consult Beame's in-clinic staff.

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